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PET for Schools is Council of Europe Level B1.
At B1 level PET students can:
°understand the main points of straightforward instructions or public announcements
°understand instructions on classes and homework given by a teacher
°understand factual articles in magazines and letters from friends expressing personal opinions
°understand most information of a factual nature in his/her school subjects
°ask simple questions and take part in factual conversation in school
°talk about things such as films, books and music and describe his/her reactions to them
°write letters or make notes on familiar matters
°take basic notes in a lesson
°write a description of an event
Reading and Writing: 1 hour 30 minutes
There are five parts to the reading texts and you will need to be able to read and understand a range of texts from short notices and messages to longer articles etc.. You will also have to  choose the correct words to complete a text. In the three parts of the Writing text you will have to rewrite sentences and be able to reproduce both a short message (35-45 words long) and a longer piece of writing( a letter or a story about 100 words long).
Listening:30 minutes
In the four parts of the listening paper you will need to be able to listen and understand people who are talking together and people who are giving information about something. You will have to choose or write answers to the questions which are about what these people say.
Speaking: 10-12 minutes
You will need to be able to listen and understand what the examiner is saying. You will have to answer some questions about yourself. You will be given some pictures and photos to look at and you will ask and answer questions about the pictures with another candidate. You will also need to speak on your own about a photo. Then in the final part you will speak with the other candidate again. Usually candidates take the Speaking Test with just one other candidate but sometimes candidates take the Speaking Test in groups of three.
What grade do I need to pass PET for Schools?
There are two passing grades for PET for Schools: Pass with Merit and Pass. Candidates who don’t get a passing grade but show that they have ability in English at a slightly lower level (Council of Europe Level A2) get level A2 on their certificate. Candidates who score below level A2 get a fail grade.
The structure of FCE consists of four papers.
Reading and Use of English. 1 hour 15 minutes.
The test contains texts with grammar and vocabulary tasks and a range of reading texts.
Writing 1 hour 20 minutes.
This paper consists of two parts which carry equal marks. In part 1, which is compulsory, candidates have to write an essay of between 140 and 190 words, giving their opinion in response to a task. In Part 2, there three tasks from which candidates choose one to write about. The range of tasks . The range of tasks from which wuestions may be drawn includes an article, an email/letter, a report and a review. In this part, candidates have to write between 140 and 190 words.
Listening 40 minutes
This paper consists of four parts. Each part contains a recorded text or texts and some questions, including multiple choice, sentence completion and multiple matching questions. Each text is heard twice. There is a total of 30 questions.
Speaking 14 minutes
This paper consists of four parts. The standard test format is two candidates and two examiners. one examiner takes part in the conversation while the other examiner listens. Both examiners give marks. Candidates will be given photos and other visual and written material to look at and talk about. Sometimes candidates will talk with the other candidate, sometimes with the examiner, and sometimes with both.
First grade is based on the total score gained in all four papers. All candidates receive a Statement of Results which include a profile of their performance in each of the four skills and Use of English. Certificates are given to candidates who pass grade A, B,C. Candidates who achieve grade A receive the Cambridge English: First Certificate stating that they  demonstrated ability at Level C1. Candidates whose performance is below B2 , but falls within Level B1, receive a Cambridge English Certificate stating they have demonstrated ability at Level B1. Candidates whose performance fails below Level B1 do not receive a certificate.